[opinion] stud models soccer shoes that are risk for ankle injuries

a kind of opinion (product criticism) of the stud model of a soccer shoe that is at risk for ankle injuries

model 1

model 2

model 3

just share experience. Coincidentally I’ve had an ankle injury. especially share for those who have experienced the same thing. while those who haven’t for anticipation, details related to ankle searching itself

at the time still not fully recovered, still playing futsal & football. when trying to buy shoes online. I  try the new style stud out sole model. i see model that promoted/used soccer player- for public version. namely the stud model rather a bit flat elongated. while the old style is round

In my opinion, those that are flat, elongated or sometimes the triangular pul style is less ergonomic to the side.

see the picture above, model 1-2 is not good if there is a sideways shift of the elevation angle.

while model 3, somewhat the same although slightly better

the point is, if the footrest is in a certain angle and pressure. Or maybe it’s because the field isn’t even. sudden bending will occur. while the pul which is in the form of a round tube in any direction is more ergonomic.

which is rather good, model 4 below


or old style models

I don’t know, I happened to have an experience with an ankle condition where I don’t know 75-80% of playing football, I found a base that didn’t quite fit. and there is a sudden bending of the outside in. hit again

not in football, in futsal I have also encountered the same thing with a different brand of shoes but the sole model is only slightly rounded.

however, field conditions slightly minimize the 1-2-3 model. for example if the field is flat & not too hard. however to reduce the risk the 4-pulp tube/round model is preferable

This opinion is either for prevention or as a reference for those with ankle injuries so that they don’t get worse – get well soon, even though they are still playing football/futsal

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